TFMC 2023 Lead Team Members

Lead Team Members left to right :

Sawyer Werner, Fay Aitcheson (secretary to LT), Lara Owsley, Pastor Ron Wise, Stephanie Hulse-staff, Jill Werner (treasurer), Jerry Anderson, Pastor Mac Carroll, Billie Attwood, Bobbie Rise (conference delegate)

Support Team Leaders

Children's Education Leader

  Billie Attwood

Finance Committee

  Diane Anderson

  Jill Werner

  Pete Owsley

Nursery Team Leader

  Jacquie Hunking

Safety Team Leader

  Pete Owsley

Tech Team Leader

  Jerry Anderson

Womens Stewards Leader

  Kathy McFarland


In addition to these team leaders - it takes a lot of folks working together to maintain this building and be open on Sundays to serve our church family and this community - at last count there are 38 volunteers rotating on Sundays in all the departments, plus several more that take care of maintenance and various duties throughout the year!  It takes a village to care for a church - and we thank all of you that make it your mission to plug in somewhere and serve! Bless you!