The Most Important Question

 1. The most important question  Luke 9:18-20              

2. Our response to it   Luke 9:23-27   


 An important and prayerful question is asked of Jesus’ disciples. Peter rightly confesses that Jesus is God’s Messiah. Knowing the biblical Jesus is vital to our Christian life. This truth is foundational to our faith. Jesus explains what it means to be His follower. If you want to follow Jesus, there is a personal cost, you have to follow him into his suffering, into his rejection, and into his death. When we obey Jesus’ teaching and what the Bible says to do, we’re following Jesus.   Read Luke 9:18-27

1. What was Jesus doing before He questioned the disciples? What might have been His prayer?

2. Why was Jesus curious about who the multitude of people said He was before His disciples?

3. Why is this the most important question for anyone to get correct?

4. Read Luke 8:22-25. How is the disciples question related to Jesus' question?

5. How did the disciples answer the first question? Why John the Baptist or Elijah?

6. How did they answer the second? What can we learn from Peter’s confession in verse 20?

7. How did Jesus respond to Peter and why?

8. How would you explain the cost of discipleship?

9. What is Jesus' teaching in verse 24-25?

10. How is what Jesus says in verse 24 connected to what was said in 23?

11. What does verse 26 mean? Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do?

12. What does it mean that the Son of Man would be ashamed of a person upon His return?