Cracks in the Foundation
1.What is a Firm Foundation
Matthew 7:24-27
2. A List of Materials Needed
Matthew 5:3-6:34
3. Built By the Masters Hand's
Matthew 7:21-23
 Jesus taught many times by making comparisons or by using object lessons. It is what Pastor Mac does during children’s church. Pastor Mac takes objects that are well known and uses them to teach a spiritual truth. Jesus begins with a warning as we would say today, “talk is cheap.” It’s more than what we say or spiritual accomplishments. Jesus knew He was not "lord" of their life, as shown by their conduct and lifestyle. Foolish builders would build without thinking about what kind of foundation there was, often ignoring the warnings of people who had experienced storms and past floods. That is how some live their lives when they do not live them according to the word of God. They just do what feels right at the time. They do not listen to warnings and God’s wisdom found in scripture. There are many people who build their lives on shifting sand. They may listen to sermons and bible classes but they do not live according to what the bible says. The wise builders, on the other hand, carefully plan their house. They build on the firm foundation of Jesus and put His words into practice.             
1. Have you ever thought about standing before Jesus “on that day”? What day is this?            
2. What is the most important ting in your life? Will you think as much of it “in that day” as you do now? Why is this a good question to consider.                  
3. We are impressed with seemingly spiritual accomplishments but Jesus wasn’t. What was the problem?             
4. What implications are there for discernment when people say they are doing things in the name of the Lord?  
5. What is the connection between Matthew 7:21-23 and the wise and foolish builders?  
6. In what way do people today become foolish builders?  
7. In what way might we have built on the solid rock but have cracks in our foundation?  
8. Why is it that churches are full of people who do not put Christ’s words into practice? Could it be connected to verses 21-23? Explain your answer?  
9. What is needed to be wise builders?  
10. What happens when we build our life upon the rock?  
11. What does James 1:22 have in common with Jesus’ teaching?  
12. What are some “storms” we face that put our building skills to the test?