1.   Paul prays to God because God has unlimited resources (vs.16).


2.  Paul prays that God will strengthen the church with power through His Spirit (vs.16)


3.   Paul prays for the inner man to be strengthened (vs.16).


4.  Paul prays that the church would know the limitless love of God. (vs.17-19)


5.   What does God use in our lives to draw us to himself  ?  (Acts 2:42-47)


Discussion Questions:

1.  How do you come to know Christ's deep love for you? 


2.  What is Christ currently doing to strengthen your inner man? (vs.16) 


3.   How does the cross shed light on the meaning of “how long, and wide, and high, and deep is the love of Christ"?  (vs.18)


 4.   Does our experience of Christ's love become more complete in the context of community?  (vs.18).