Stress-less Living in a Stressful Culture


1. The ingenuity of Darius (Verses 1-2)  

2. The consistency of Daniel (Verse 3)   

3. The jealousy of the satraps (Verses 4-5)     

4. The integrity of Daniel (Verse 10)   

5. The sovereignty of God (Verses 25-28)  


1.  How does Daniel’s life of consistency relate to Hebrews 12:1? What can you do to insure you finish your spiritual race well?  

2. What makes jealousy and envy so  toxic? Read Romans 13:13. How do you deal with jealousy?   

3.  When it comes to civil disobedience, why is integrity an important characteristic?     

4. Read Daniel 6:25-28.  How would believing these verses about the living God impact your life today?