A Testimony From a Pagan King - Part 2

1. Pride leads to insanity. Don’t wait to do what you know is right. (vs.19-27)  

2. Worship of God restores our sanity (Daniel 4:34)  

3. Look up to the God of Heaven (Daniel 4:34a)    

4. Speak up about the greatness of God.  (Daniel 4:34b)


What does Nebuchadnezzar ultimately learn about God?

1. God’s Kingdom will outlive me. (Daniel 4:34c)  

2. I need to seek God’s approval not man’s. (Daniel 4:35a)  

3. God is a God of mercy (Daniel 4:36)  


Discussion Questions:    

1. What is God inviting you to do learning from the testimony of a pagan King?  

2. When did King Nebuchadnezzar’s sanity return? What was restored to him?  

3. What can you do to hear God sooner rather than later?