A Testimony From a Pagan King

Notes: 1.    Two problems in the life of Nebuchadnezzar  

Problem #1 – He does not see God as almighty and sovereign over all kingdoms. (vss.17,25,32)   

Problem #2 - Pride is Nebuchadnezzar's problem (vss.4,30)  

How can I resist pride with God being my helper?

Resist the temptation to compare

Resist the temptation to be defensive

Resist the "me" first temptation. 

Pray for more humility

Pray that God gives you more grace for others

Pray for more dependance on God


Discussion Questions:

1.  What prompted a pagan king to write this document?  

2.  Three times in Daniel 4 God stresses his sovereignty.  Why?   

3. What does Nebuchadnezzer's experience teach us about the dangers of pride?  

4. What does this chapter teach you about God?