When Conviction and Culture Collide

1.  When conviction and culture collide pursue holiness unto the Lord (vs.8).     

2.  When conviction and culture collide take on the form of a servant (vss.11-16).             

3.  When conviction and culture collide trust in the God who gives (vss.2,9,17).  

Discussion Questions  

1. What steps did Daniel take to try to get his way when his convictions collided with the culture? 

2. As you read Daniel 1, look for the action of God. What does this teach us and show us about God?

3. Daniel was seeking to be holy. What criteria can Christians use today to determine which activities we will engage in and which we won't?

4. What about Daniel’s approach to the problem can I learn from and apply in a specific situation this week?

Pray for wisdom and conviction that you might know better how to be in the world but not of it.