Rule of Life

1.    Make your home in Christ is the first step in creating a Rule of Life (John 15)

2.    Daniel ordered his life around spiritual practices that strengthened him while living in a place that did not worship God. (Daniel 1:8, 2:19-23,6, 9:2)

3.   For a church to grow up in God and grow together then it must be intentional about spiritual practices that help people know and grow to be like Christ. (Acts 2:42-47)  


Discussion Questions

1.   What are you doing to “remain” in Christ?   

2.   In what way are you currently feeling pressured by the world? Talk openly with God about your struggles.

3.   Which of the four things in v. 42 do you find is the easiest for you to be devoted to? Why? Which is the hardest? Why?