In the midst of suffering and loss it’s an act of faith to believe God is still at work. It might be hard to trust in times of loss. However, he really does love us. Through loss God’s desire is to make us holy and restore joy in our lives. 

1.   Listen to the voice of God in the midst of suffering. In His voice you will find His provision. (vs.6)

2.  Joy can be restored in the midst of suffering by God. Often this happens as we love one another as we love ourselves.  (vs.8-9)

3.  Joy can be experienced when we honestly lament our pain. (vs.20-22)


Discussion Questions

1.     Have you ever felt empty and afflicted by God as Naomi did? How did you respond? What did God do in your situation?

2.     What are some of the ways that God’s kindness is revealed in Naomi’s life in chapter 1?

3.     Have you ever prayed a prayer of lament? How has God met you in that prayer?