Will You Say Yes?


1.     Saul said “no” to personal and spiritual reflection. Lack of time alone with God leads to an unhealthy relationship with God. (vs.24-30) 

2.       Saul said  “no” to developing a personal relationship with God (vs. 22-23) 

3.      Saul said “no” to trials and difficulties in his life. (1 Samuel 13)

Discussion Questions

1.      What did King Saul do right in these verses? What did he do wrong?

2.     What would make Saul think offering a sacrifice from that which he was supposed to destroy would be a good idea?

3.     It seems so ridiculous when we put it in words, but why do we sometimes think we have ideas that can improve on the instruction God has given us?

4.     What are the things that you are ignoring in your life?  What is keeping you from addressing those things with God’s help?