Responding to Jesus

This young man comes to Jesus with two requests:

1.  I desire more! (Mark 10:17)

2.  I deserve more! (Mark 10:20)            

Two Responses of those who desire a relationship with Jesus

1.  I relinquish all. (Mark 10:28)

2.  I  receive more. (Mark 10:29-30)  


1. When Jesus tells the man about the “one thing” he still lacks, He tells him to sell everything, give the proceeds away to the poor and then to come and follow Him. Do you think the “one thing” is more related to the selling, giving, or following? Why do you think so?   

2. The rich ruler went away sad, not defensive or angry. Why do you think he had this reaction?                 

3. Jesus’ answer (keep the commandments) seems a bit strange. Why did he point the young man to keeping the commandments? Review Ephesians 2:8-9. What is Jesus trying to help the man see?                           

4.  What “impossible” thing(s) would you like to see God do in your heart in the process of sanctification in the coming weeks and months? What struggles would you like to see God change in your life?