Do You Believe It?


1.  Jesus has not lost control of my life circumstances. He has a plan that is far greater than mine. (John 11:4) 

2.  Jesus wants you to rely on His strength and power and not your own ingenuity.(John 11:14)                     

3.  Jesus wants me to come to a decision today about what I believe and how I will live the rest of my life in His resurrection power.  (John 11:25-26)  


1.   In what way will Lazarus’ sickness bring glory to God?   
2.   In what way does Martha and Mary’s faith in Jesus need to grow? In what way(s) does your faith in Jesus need to grow? 
3.    Have you ever shared in Mary and Martha’s question, “God, where were you?” How is the hope of resurrection more compelling than a simple answer to our questions? 
4.  How should the truth that Jesus is the resurrection and life shape our lives here and now?