What Time Is It?

BIG IDEA: We can’t hold on to sin and hope at the same time.  If we do then we will hold on to sin and let go of our hope in Jesus.         

1. It’s time to WAKE UP! Romans 13:11

2. It’s time to throw away your OLD clothes Romans 13:12 , John 3:19-20

3. It’s time to put on JESUS.  Romans 13:14  

Quote : *I have often thought life is like a day it goes by so fast. If I am so careless with my days, how can I be careful with my life? I know that somehow I have not come to fully believe that urgent things can wait while I attend to what is truly important. It finally boils down to a deep and a strong conviction. Once I am truly convinced that preparing the heart is more important than preparing the Christmas tree, I’ll be a lot less frustrated at the end of the day.* Henri Nouwen

**Question: What do you need to “put off” or “put on” to continue growing in Jesus?